We strive to create some of the most finely crafted cabinetry in the market. By investing in bigger machinery, we'd like to pass along our attention to detail to you. Feel free to send us your drawings to, and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Dovetail Drawers

Right now, we offer 5/8inch maple dovetailed drawers with a 1/2inch maple plywood bottom. Different materials are available upon request, but with a longer lead time. Different dovetail pitches and joints are available. Finishing, assembly, notching for hardware, and other options available upon request. Send us your drawer dimensions for a quick quotation.

Have you ever had hairline cracks in your cabinet doors?

Well, then its time for a change. Contact us about our one-piece MDF door offering, which is cut out of Medex to create a smooth water-resistant door that's ready for finishing.

Our state-of-the-art Homag edgebander allows us to run any of your edgebanding material from thin tape(.4mm) to 3mm thick plastic edgebanding, to 8mm wood strips with EVA and PUR being our standard glue options. But, what sets us apart from other shops is that we also can run laser edgebanding, so you won't have to ever worry about seeing any glue line, which means that there will be no dirt or bacteria build-up, chipping away, or yellowing over time that one may get with standard EVA glue.

Some will say that LaserEdge is a niche, and that it won't be a mainstream edgebanding technique. We think otherwise, as the white high-gloss sample to the right of this text was laser applied. In order to break the bond, we had to use a knife, chisel, and a hammer. But, even after trying to use these tools to break the bond, the physical edgebanding broke about 3/4 of an inch into it. This is after a full cure time of 24 hours. This experiment has been repeated other times with different LaserEdge edgebandings and the same results were seen. We also conducted tests on EVA and PUR panels, and just using a knife and pliers we were able to completely pull off the edgebanding with a decent amount of force applied, the EVA requiring a little less force than PUR. Overall LaserEdge provides the strongest bond, then PUR, and EVA has the weakest bond. However, we can provide any one of these application methods for your project.

Also unlike our competitors that use for instance 3mm cutters to create a 2mm(actual radius of 2.5-2.8mm) and 3mm radiuses. We heavily invested in multi-tooling stations in our machine to create true radiused corners and edges all around a panel. This means that we can create a true 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm radiused edge and corner.


All of our cabinet parts are machined on our 4-axis 5'x10' Biesse Rover A CNC. Due to varying material thicknesses, we use the screw and dowel method for cabinet carcass assembly. As this has allowed us to stay consistent in regards to part alignment. However, other construction methods are also available upon request.

Wire Brushing

Are you tired of wire brushing wood by hand? Then give us a call, whether you need a five piece white oak door textured, or two-hundred sheets of rift white oak veenered mdf wire brushed. We are here to help with our Heesemann Sander, feel free to reach out to us about more details and have us do your texturing while you use your time for other tasks at hand more efficiently.


In Reality We Have Invested So You Don't Have To.

We are able to offer you all of the following services.